Frequently Asked Questions:




Q: Why won’t my garage door close ?
A: Photo eyes out of alignment or blocked.


Q: Why won’t my garage door open ?
A: Probably a broken spring or a stripped gear in the opener motor.


Q: Why can’t I open my garage door manually ?
A: Probably a broken spring.


Q: Why does my garage door seem stuck shut and jump the first time its opened each day ?
A: Check the vinyl trim for a sticky substance.


Q: I have two garage door remotes and only one works now.
A: Probably a dead battery in the remote.


Q: All of a sudden, none of my garage door remotes or keypad works.
A: Wall button is set to “lock mode”.


Q: Why do I hear a motor running in my garage door opener, but I don’t see the chain moving ?
A: Stripped gear.