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Are you look for overhead garage doors sales, service, repair, or installation in or around the Columbia, South Carolina (Richland, Lexington) area? It doesn’t matter what garage door size your looking for, or whether it’s a custom garage door, carriage house garage door, modern or contemporary garage door design – we have what you’re looking for.

Standard Overhead Garage Doors

At Affordable Garage Door Repair Co. LLC, we realize that every person is different. Your home or business is a large investment and when it comes to selecting garage doors, there are many different options available. The different colors, designs, and decorative options are limitless.

overhead garage doors

Standard garage doors give your property a clean and classic look. They are low maintenance, and with so many styles and options available, you are sure to find one that fits you and the look of your building. If you are looking to replace a damaged garage door or to give your property a new look, Affordable Garage Door Repair Co. LLC can help.

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Upscale and Custom Garage Doors

Are you looking to give your home a different look? Have you been eying those carriage house doors you’ve seen around and want a set of your own? Well, Affordable Garage Door Repair Co. LLC can help! Choose from a variety of door colors, decorative hardware, and window accents. These durable steel doors offer an attractive and unique carriage house look.

custom garage doors

Customizing your home is just a phone call away. With so many different options available, you’d be hard pressed not to find one that is just right for you. Give your home a new look with these affordable carriage house doors.

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